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4 Creative Urban Chic Quilts

Urban Chic Fabric

Urban Chic is a bright and modern fabric line that was created by Tina Higgins for Quilting Treasures. The quilt fabrics feature intricate floral, leaf and geometric designs with simple coloring, including white, green and blue.  This fabric line is fun and versatile to meet many of your spring quilting needs.  Here are a few quilts we designed using various Urban Chic fabrics.

Urban Chic Nine Patch

First, I made a nine patch quilt with a twist.  If you have ever made a quilt like this you know how great the concept is.  If you have never made this type of quilt, get ready to be amazed!  You start off by creating a simple nine patch quilt block.  Sew nine equally sized squares (I used six-inch squares) of fabric together in a desired order to create a quilt block that is three squares wide by three squares high.  Then you cut the quilt block in half lengthwise and across the width.  You now have four identical quilt pieces. Rotate the pieces into the desired pattern and sew the pieces back together.  It’s that simple.  Here is a great video on youtube that was posted by Teresa DownUnder explaining the process.

Our quilt has two different nine patch blocks to add another visual affect: one light and one dark.  Repeat the process with all of your quilt blocks.  Here we used 16 total quilt blocks.  Sew the blocks together in four rows that are four quilt blocks wide.  Add borders, batting and backing, and use your favorite quilting technique to complete this easy and unique quilt. Voila!  This quilt is great for beginners and quilters who want a easy and unique quilt.

Quilt Fabrics Used:

Block 1
Block 2

Urban Chic Quilt

The next Urban Chic quilt is perfect for more experienced quilters.  However, don’t let that discourage you.  This intricate design is easier than it looks.  The best way to approach this quilt is to break it down into simple squares.  The quilt contains sixteen identical blocks with a single, overlapping design.  The blocks are rotated 90 degrees clockwise to create the elegant diamond pattern.  To create this quilt as shown, use the following fabrics:

Quilt Block Fabrics
Quilt Border Fabrics

Urban Chic Box Quilt

The third quilt creates a three dimensional effect by using dark and light toned fabrics opposite of each other.  If you look at the quilt from one angle, the fabrics create the illusion of a series of push buttons protruding from the quilt.  From a different perspective, the quilt appears to contain deep, inward boxes.  Do you see layered squares? Hidden diamonds?  Striped hexagons?  However your eyes perceive the quilt, we hope you enjoy its complexity, depth and beauty.  The following quilt fabrics help create this wonderful illusion quilt:

Quilt Block Fabrics
Quilt Border Fabrics

Urban Chic Snowflake Quilt

The final quilt I made using Urban Chic fabrics is exquisite. The quilt resembles something somewhere between an elegant snowflake and a dazzling flower.  The quilt is made up of two versions of the same quilt block that alternate throughout the quilt.  The first block contains brighter, vibrant blue fabrics and some olive green, and the second block showcases calming green with a touch of blue. The contrast in colors between quilt blocks adds depth and texture to the quilt.  The borders tie all of the wonderful quilt fabrics and colors together.

Quilt Block Fabrics:
Quilt Border Fabrics: