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5 Quilts to Make with Shades Apart Fabrics

The Sunshine & Hunny Quilts design team is at it again! Today we have five delightful quilts using quilt fabrics from the fabric line Shades Apart. This versatile fabric line has a wide variety of simple tonal quilt fabrics to meet all of your quilting needs.  The fabric prints include delicate flowers, woven baskets, whimsical leaves, wobbly dots and other fun designs.  Shades Apart is a beautiful line of cotton Thimbleberries fabrics from RJR.

The Shades Apart Quilts

Shades Apart Diamond Quilt

The first Shades Apart quilt we have for you is the Purple and Green Diamond Quilt. Alternating rows of stacked open diamonds and intricate decorative diamonds combine to create this unique and charming purple and green quilt.  The quilt consists of four fabrics:


Coral Shades Apart Quilt

The second Shades Apart quilt is quite striking.  The warm color scheme is inviting and calming.  This quilt would make a great accent piece.  For example, a beach house table topper or a lap quilt for a neutral colored room.  The quilt consists of four fabrics:


Neutral Shades Apart Quilt

The next Shades Apart quilt is straightforward and simple.  In essence, the quilt involves sewing three rectangular pieces of fabric together to create a fabric square with three colors.  The color sequences is tan, brown, dark green.  Rotate the squares to create the windmill appearance.  Then sew four of those fabric squares together to create the larger rectangle strips. Sew four of the larger rectangles together, and you have a quilt block.  Only 15 more quilt blocks to go, as you need 16 total quilt blocks to complete this quilt.  The quilt consists of three fabrics:


Shades Apart Love Quilt

The fourth Shades Apart quilt is sweet and fun.  The focal point of the main block is a checkerboard pattern of alternating white and purple quilt fabrics. The checkerboard is surrounded by a pink and red boarder, and a two-toned purple background.  In between the quilt blocks are small pinwheels and boxes that stand out from the rest of the quilt. The quilt consists of six fabrics:


Purple Plaid Shades Apart Quilt

Green, purple and white fabrics look especially nice together. I was compelled to create another quilt with this color scheme.  The quilt uses many of the fabrics from the first quilt; however, the design differs significantly.  The small diamonds throughout the quilt are more rounded.  There is less intricate detail, which creates a more contemporary design.  The drastic contrast between the light and dark colors adds depth to the quilt.  The white fabric appears to be jumping out of the purple background, while the small rounded diamonds keep the white fabric grounded.  The quilt consists of five fabrics: