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Red and White Windmill Quilt

Jinny Beyer Windmill Quilt

Check out this simple red and white quilt idea from  This quilt is perfect for the holidays.  The quilt contains nine of the windmill blocks and a beautiful Jinny Beyer border fabric. The free pattern for the windmill block is available on the Jinny Beyer Studio website.  Check out our Red Sale to find the perfect red fabric to complete the windmill quilt.  The Jinny Beyer Palette Feather in Ruby quilt fabric is a beautiful red fabric choice.  It’s on sale through 12/20/15. In addition, we carry many white fabrics that would work well with this quilt. For example, the Jinny Beyer Palette Vine in Green on White would give the quilt a touch of green for a Christmas quilt. Poinsettia in Cream and Gold is an excellent off-white choice. For a true white, check out the Bare Essentials Puppies and Kittens quilt fabric.