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Pam Kitty Garden Spring Quilt

Pam Kitty Morning Fabrics

Pam Kitty Garden Quilt Pam Kitty Garden Quilt Block

Prepare for spring with this adorable spring quilt.  The quilt fabrics used to create this quilt are from the Pam Kitty Garden fabric line from Lake House Drygoods. The garden inspired quilt fabrics include Pam Kitty Garden in Aqua, which is a blue fabric with birds holding umbrellas and flower sprays. Another fabric used in this quilt, Pam Kitty Garden in Lettuce is a green fabric with small red apples. Pam Kitty Garden in White is a white quilt fabric speckled with alternating garden tools and flower sprays. The final fabric in this quilt is Pam Kitty Garden in Red, which is a red quilt fabric with white dots. The quilt is a combination of nine quilt blocks, each with overlapping blue and green open rectangles and a red triangle in each corner. When the blocks are placed next to each other, the triangles create a pinwheel shape.