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How To Change Up Your Quilt

How to Change the Appearance of a Quilt

Have you ever wanted to use a quilt pattern again, but wanted to alter the design to create a new appearance?  Here we have four awesome ideas to reuse a quilt pattern to create a unique new quilt. To demonstrate how subtle difference drastically change the appearance of a quilt, I created several versions of a quilt using various Border Blast Southern Skies quilt fabrics. The original quilt consists of identical quilt block placed side by side in three rows and three columns. There are two borders around the outside of the quilt using the same quilt fabric found in the quilt.  The result is a beautiful, uniform quilt with elegant designs.

Border Blast Original Quilt

Add A Border Around Quilt Blocks

The first variation of the Border Blast Southern Skies incorporates a 1 1/2 inch border of the Border Blasts Southern Skies Stars fabric between the quilt blocks.  The block border fabric is the same fabric used on the inner border of the quilt.  Adding the border around the quilt blocks creates a window effect and changes the appearance of the quilt slightly.  This option helps separate the quilt blocks enough to highlight different patterns, change the flow of the quilt, or add depth to the quilt.

Border Blast Quilt With Block Border

Add or Remove Quilt Fabrics in Adjacent Quilt Blocks

The next variation uses less detailed quilt blocks to change the appearance of the quilt.  Compare the quilt blocks to the original quilt and the quilt with borders around the blocks.  It is apparent that the three quilt are different.  What changed?  I removed four, two inch square blocks of the Border Blast Southern Skies Apples fabric from each quilt block.  The result is a brighter quilt with three dimensional designs.  The overall design is similar to the prior quilts; however, removing a few pieces of fabric creates a new and unique quilt.

Border Blast Quilt Less Detail

Alternate Detailed Quilt Blocks with Simple Quilt Blocks

Another option is to create a simple quilt block to alternate with the detailed quilt block.  For this quilt, I began with the block from the original quilt.  This block consists of four Border Blast Southern Skies quilt fabrics.  Instead of creating the quilt with three rows and three columns of the same quilt blocks, I added a different, less detailed block using three of the quilt fabrics from the original quilt block.  The simple blocks alternate throughout the quilt so each detailed block is adjacent to a simple block.

Border Blast Quilt Simple Block

Use Different Fabrics and Colors Throughout the Quilt

The final method to alter the design of your quilts includes color and fabric changes.  It is amazing how different a quilt appears by changing the color of the border or adding a new color throughout the quilt.  The changes can be drastic or subtle depending on personal preference.  Here we demonstrate a few color and fabric changes with the same quilt designs used above.

Border Blast Quilt Green Blocks Two Borders

Border Blast Quilt Green Blocks And Border

Border Blast Quilt With Red Border And Green Blocks

Border Blast Quilt Simple Block With Orange