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Two Tuxedo Collection Quilts

Tuxedo Collection Quilts

Create modern and traditional looking quilts with this versatile line of quilt fabrics from Riley Blake Designs.  Choose from floral, dot, scatter, damask, and stripe designs in black and white.  Include the quilt fabric Basic Shades Blender in Clean White to add some drastic contrast to the quilt. Here are two simple quilt designs to demonstrate how elegantly the Tuxedo Collection quilt fabrics come together.

Simple Tuxedo Quilt

Quilt Fabrics

Tuxedo Quilt

Quilt Fabrics
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Jinny Beyer Palette, Fall Quilt Idea

Jinny Beyer Palette Quilt

Check out this festive fall quilt. The quilt uses three quilt fabrics from the Jinny Beyer Palette fabric line. These fabrics combine to create a fabulous fall quilt with a stained glass effect. The light and dark orange fabrics contrast gracefully with the dark black fabric.  Check out our wide selection of  Jinny Beyer Palette fabrics to start creating your next quilt project.

jinny beyer palette fall quilt

Quilt Fabrics

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3 Festive Cattails And Clover Fall Quilts

Cattails & Clover Quilt Fabrics

It’s almost fall! The fabric line Cattails & Clover includes a variety of fall quilt fabrics with elegant fall colors and simple fall designs. The quilt fabrics were designed by Kansas Trouble Quilters for Moda, and include dot, floral, leaf, prairie grass and patterns.  The colors represent the true beauty of fall, and include deep chocolate brown, subtle burnt orange, tasteful burgundy red, subdued gold, neutral tan, and a beautiful evergreen shade of green.

Cattails & Clover Four Patch Fall Quilt

The first quilt is a modified four patch quilt with alternating gold and green fabrics for the background. The red and orange diamond shape in the center of the block helps add depth and a sense of overlapping colors. The darker red fabric over the green appears to create a blending effect. The orange and gold fabrics have a similar appearance; however, the colors contrast less. This use of fabrics and colors creates a three dimensional effect where the center diamonds appear to protrude from the background. The border is a checkered border made from four of the Cattails & Clover quilt fabrics.

Cattails And Clover Fall Quilt

Quilt Block Fabrics
Quilt Border Fabrics

Cattails & Clover Strips and Squares Fall Quilt

The next quilt utilizes several of the same Cattails & Clover quilt fabrics in a different design. As the name suggests, the quilt is comprised of a fabric strip sewn onto two fabric squares in a unique and alternating pattern. The center block consists of four square blocks sewn together, and provides an excellent anchor for the quilt block. The orange and green Prairie Grass fabrics used in the quilt blocks make up the borders.

Cattails And Clover Strips And Squares Fall Quilt

Quilt Fabrics

Cattails & Clover Holiday Quilt

The final quilt uses two of the Cattails & Clover quilt fabrics from the prior quilts, and adds a third tan fabric. Such a simple change to the fabric palette has a drastic effect on the quilt’s appearance. The last quilt is holiday themed. This quilt demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of the Cattails & Clover fabric line. For the holiday quilt, the border fabrics are the same fabrics used throughout the rest of the quilt.

Cattails And Clover Holiday Quilt

Quilt Fabrics
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How To Change Up Your Quilt

How to Change the Appearance of a Quilt

Have you ever wanted to use a quilt pattern again, but wanted to alter the design to create a new appearance?  Here we have four awesome ideas to reuse a quilt pattern to create a unique new quilt. To demonstrate how subtle difference drastically change the appearance of a quilt, I created several versions of a quilt using various Border Blast Southern Skies quilt fabrics. The original quilt consists of identical quilt block placed side by side in three rows and three columns. There are two borders around the outside of the quilt using the same quilt fabric found in the quilt.  The result is a beautiful, uniform quilt with elegant designs.

Border Blast Original Quilt

Add A Border Around Quilt Blocks

The first variation of the Border Blast Southern Skies incorporates a 1 1/2 inch border of the Border Blasts Southern Skies Stars fabric between the quilt blocks.  The block border fabric is the same fabric used on the inner border of the quilt.  Adding the border around the quilt blocks creates a window effect and changes the appearance of the quilt slightly.  This option helps separate the quilt blocks enough to highlight different patterns, change the flow of the quilt, or add depth to the quilt.

Border Blast Quilt With Block Border

Add or Remove Quilt Fabrics in Adjacent Quilt Blocks

The next variation uses less detailed quilt blocks to change the appearance of the quilt.  Compare the quilt blocks to the original quilt and the quilt with borders around the blocks.  It is apparent that the three quilt are different.  What changed?  I removed four, two inch square blocks of the Border Blast Southern Skies Apples fabric from each quilt block.  The result is a brighter quilt with three dimensional designs.  The overall design is similar to the prior quilts; however, removing a few pieces of fabric creates a new and unique quilt.

Border Blast Quilt Less Detail

Alternate Detailed Quilt Blocks with Simple Quilt Blocks

Another option is to create a simple quilt block to alternate with the detailed quilt block.  For this quilt, I began with the block from the original quilt.  This block consists of four Border Blast Southern Skies quilt fabrics.  Instead of creating the quilt with three rows and three columns of the same quilt blocks, I added a different, less detailed block using three of the quilt fabrics from the original quilt block.  The simple blocks alternate throughout the quilt so each detailed block is adjacent to a simple block.

Border Blast Quilt Simple Block

Use Different Fabrics and Colors Throughout the Quilt

The final method to alter the design of your quilts includes color and fabric changes.  It is amazing how different a quilt appears by changing the color of the border or adding a new color throughout the quilt.  The changes can be drastic or subtle depending on personal preference.  Here we demonstrate a few color and fabric changes with the same quilt designs used above.

Border Blast Quilt Green Blocks Two Borders

Border Blast Quilt Green Blocks And Border

Border Blast Quilt With Red Border And Green Blocks

Border Blast Quilt Simple Block With Orange

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4 Red, White and Blue Table Runner Ideas

Stars & Stripes Table Runners

Here we show four different table runner ideas using red, white and blue quilt fabrics from the Stars & Stripes fabric line, created by My Minds Eye for Riley Blake Designs. The table runner designs include the traditional alternating stars and stripes pattern, as well as other patterns with alternating designs in red and blue on a white background. One table runner quilt contains a red block that alternates with a single blue star shape.  Another table runner uses quilt fabrics in overlapping open, red rectangle shapes adjacent to blue star patterns.

Stars And Stripes Table Runner Flag Stars And Stripes Table Runner Quilt Thumbnail

Stars And Stripes Table Runner Thumbnail Stars And Stripes Alternating Red And Blue Table Runner Thumbnail

Stars & Stripes Quilt Fabrics
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Country Harvest Quilt Idea

Country Harvest Quilt

Country Harvest Quilt
The Country Harvest quilt fabrics designed by Dowdle Folk Art for Riley Blank Designs include check, dot, floral, and medallion patterns in fall tones. These simple fabric prints combine to produce magnificent fall quilts.   Contrasting light and dark shades of yellow, orange and brown overlap to create a unique design in the quilt shown.

Country Harvest Quilt Fabrics
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Garden Sketchbook Quilt Idea

Garden Sketchbook Quilt Fabrics

The Garden Sketchbook quilt fabrics consist of vibrant colors and garden inspired designs. These Thimbleberries fabrics from RJR include floral, check, lilac, lattice, and vine prints. The colors range from deep green and cinnamon to light blue and delicate cream fabrics. With a wide variety of colors and styles, Garden Sketchbook fabrics help create beautiful quilt masterpieces any time of the year.


Garden Sketchbook Quilt

Garden Sketchbook Quilt

The Garden Sketchbook Quilt shown consists of nine different quilt blocks, separated by a two inch Berries in Purple border from the fabric line Shades Apart. The quilt blocks vary in design, from simple square patterns, to more intricate flower and snowflake designs. The quilt includes the following fabrics:

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Nouveau Riche Quilt Ideas

Nouveau Riche

The fabric line Nouveau Riche from RJR Fabrics features beautiful butterflies and chic iris with tonal accent fabrics that compliment the quilt fabrics. The simple designs and vibrant colored quilt fabrics create striking quilts with exquisite contrast.  Choose from seven different cotton fabrics to tailor the quilts to match your preference and satisfy your quilting needs.

Nouveau Riche Fabrics
Nouveau Riche Quilts

Nouveau Riche Purple QuiltNo Red Nouveau Riche Quilt

Nouveau Riche Quilt

Here we demonstrate three different ways to use Nouveau Riche quilt fabrics.  Butterflies in Yellow and Iris in Black contain delicate red accents that coordinate with Leaf Tonal in Rust.  Adding the rust color highlights the red in the fabrics and creates a unique design.  If you prefer a different color scheme, simply leave out the rust fabric.  Together, the purple fabrics, yellow fabric, and black fabrics create eye-catching quilts.  The lighter colored Butterflies in Yellow fabric contrasts beautifully with the vivid purple and black fabrics.

We carry fat quarters of each Nouveau Riche fabric and a fat quarter bundle, of all seven of the Nouveau Riche quilt fabrics. Visit the fabric shop for additional fabrics and supplies.

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Sea Turtle Quilt Idea

Sea Turtles

Who loves sea turtles?  Many cultures view sea turtles as a sign of good luck.  As a tribute to these majestic creatures, we created a turtle quilt using Batiks fabrics from Wilmington Prints, and Handspray fabrics from RJR.
Turtle Quilt

Sumatra Batiks Fabrics:
Handspray Fabrics:

The blue background fabric, Sumatra Batiks in Aqua signifies the ocean.  The turtles fins, head and tail use the lighter green Sumatra Batiks Fronds in Leaf fabric.  A detailed combination of quilt fabrics comprises the shell.  Finish the quilt top off with a thin Handspray in Dark Green fabric border.

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1930’s Reproduction Quilt Ideas

1930’s Reproduction Fabrics

Happy May from Sunshine & Hunny Quilts! Today we bring you a few quilt ideas to utilize the 1930’s Reproduction cotton quilt fabrics. We carry four fabric lines from the 1930’s Reproduction collection in our quilt shop.  The following quilts showcase each fabric line with stunning designs, brilliant coloring and a superlative use of creativity.

The fabric lines include:


Clothesline Club Fabrics

Clothesline Club Quilt

Darlene Zimmerman created the Clothesline Club fabric line for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. These cotton quilt fabrics include garden party, pets on parade, little darlings, and tiny flowers prints. The prints consist of simple, delicate designs on a solid background. Most of the fabrics incorporate small white designs, while other prints introduce additional colors to the fabric. The background colors of the fabrics embrace a softer color pallet; however, the fabrics remain vibrant and full of color. The pink, teal, blue and lavender colors combine to create an exquisite quilt.

Quilt Fabrics:


Everything but the Kitchen Sink Fabrics

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Quilt

Everything but the Kitchen Sink from RJR Fabrics includes floral, geometric and daisy patterns on beautifully colored background fabrics.  The Everything but the Kitchen Sink fabrics contain adorable, delicate prints on soft shades of pink, blue, yellow and teal. The designs tend to display in white; however, many prints incorporate additional colors.  These cotton quilt fabrics produce colorful and striking quilts.

Quilt Fabrics:


Floursack Fabrics

Floursack Quilt

The Floursack fabric line from Windham Fabrics includes floral designs.  The quilt fabrics include the dots and daisies design and floral prints.  Dots and daisies exists in three background colors: pink, yellow and lavender.  The small design consists of delicate, white flowers scattered throughout the cotton fabric with tiny dots in between the flowers.  The floral designs appear larger, but remain small overall.  These flowers possess a well-defined flower with additional detail.  Floral in Green and Floral in Orange share a similar appearance.  The white flowers speckle the colorful background, with accent colors to add detail. Flowers in Lavender displays a slightly different pattern.  The white background contains solid lavender, yellow and green flowers with lavender dots and leaf outlines.  Considering the variety of colors, various possible combinations exist to create beautiful quilts.

Quilt Fabrics:


Hints of Prints Fabric

Hints Of Prints Quilt

Sunshine & Hunny Quilts carries one of the Hints of Prints quilt fabrics: Hints of Print in Screamin’ Yellow. The fabric definitely screams yellow. The yellow background and small tonal flowers provide a tasteful does of yellow to quilts. Darlene Zimmerman created the Hints of Prints fabric line for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.  The fabric coordinates well with other quilt fabrics from the 1930’s Reproduction collection, as demonstrated in the following quilt idea.

Quilt Fabrics:


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5 Quilts to Make with Shades Apart Fabrics

The Sunshine & Hunny Quilts design team is at it again! Today we have five delightful quilts using quilt fabrics from the fabric line Shades Apart. This versatile fabric line has a wide variety of simple tonal quilt fabrics to meet all of your quilting needs.  The fabric prints include delicate flowers, woven baskets, whimsical leaves, wobbly dots and other fun designs.  Shades Apart is a beautiful line of cotton Thimbleberries fabrics from RJR.

The Shades Apart Quilts

Shades Apart Diamond Quilt

The first Shades Apart quilt we have for you is the Purple and Green Diamond Quilt. Alternating rows of stacked open diamonds and intricate decorative diamonds combine to create this unique and charming purple and green quilt.  The quilt consists of four fabrics:


Coral Shades Apart Quilt

The second Shades Apart quilt is quite striking.  The warm color scheme is inviting and calming.  This quilt would make a great accent piece.  For example, a beach house table topper or a lap quilt for a neutral colored room.  The quilt consists of four fabrics:


Neutral Shades Apart Quilt

The next Shades Apart quilt is straightforward and simple.  In essence, the quilt involves sewing three rectangular pieces of fabric together to create a fabric square with three colors.  The color sequences is tan, brown, dark green.  Rotate the squares to create the windmill appearance.  Then sew four of those fabric squares together to create the larger rectangle strips. Sew four of the larger rectangles together, and you have a quilt block.  Only 15 more quilt blocks to go, as you need 16 total quilt blocks to complete this quilt.  The quilt consists of three fabrics:


Shades Apart Love Quilt

The fourth Shades Apart quilt is sweet and fun.  The focal point of the main block is a checkerboard pattern of alternating white and purple quilt fabrics. The checkerboard is surrounded by a pink and red boarder, and a two-toned purple background.  In between the quilt blocks are small pinwheels and boxes that stand out from the rest of the quilt. The quilt consists of six fabrics:


Purple Plaid Shades Apart Quilt

Green, purple and white fabrics look especially nice together. I was compelled to create another quilt with this color scheme.  The quilt uses many of the fabrics from the first quilt; however, the design differs significantly.  The small diamonds throughout the quilt are more rounded.  There is less intricate detail, which creates a more contemporary design.  The drastic contrast between the light and dark colors adds depth to the quilt.  The white fabric appears to be jumping out of the purple background, while the small rounded diamonds keep the white fabric grounded.  The quilt consists of five fabrics:

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Simple Pleasures Spring Quilt

Simple Pleasures Quilt


Simple Pleasures Nine Patch Quilt

Here is another great quilt idea using the Simple Pleasures fabric line.  The quilt is made from 16 identical nine patch quilt blocks.  Rotate the blocks to create a unique pattern. Our design looks like flowers.  The four fabrics in this spring quilt are simple and cheerful.  Tonal Daisies in Green is a tonal fabric that is covered in green daisies with dark green outlines and accents. Similarly, the Tonal Daisies in Yellow quilt fabric has a field of yellow daisies. The Daisies in Green fabric has a green background with white daisies on stems and small lavender flowers scattered around the daisies. Daisy Stripe in Green is a beautiful striped quilt fabric with a green background, a double stripe of lavender, and clusters of daisies on either side of the lavender stripes. This lovely spring quilt is quick and easy to make.


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Easy Simple Pleasures Spring Quilt

Simple Pleasures is a spring inspired fabric line created by Debbie Beaves for RJR.  The main colors showcased in these quilt fabrics include bright green and happy yellow.  The floral, dot and stripe designs are reminiscent of spring time when the trees and flowers start to bud and the winter fades away.  It reminds me of that moment when I am walking around outside on a gloomy, drizzly day and I realize that spring is here.  The bright green of new growth takes over the dull, dreary brown and gray of winter.  The daffodils and forsythia bushes light up the yard.  The birds sing a beautiful and cheerful song.

Simple Pleasures Quilts

Simple Pleasures Spring Quilt

The Simple Pleasures Quilt depicts the spring scene with patches of flowers surrounded by green.  This easy quilt is a four patch block with alternating yellow and green flowers.  Each patch is four square inches, and the four patch block is surrounded by a two inch grass green border.  There are 16 blocks overall.  The quilt has three borders: a two inch border of Simple Pleasures, Background in Green, a one inch border of Simple Pleasures, Tonal Daisies in Yellow, and a four inch outer border of Simple Pleasures, Daisy Stripe in Green.  To create the quilt top, you will need:

If you love this fabric line as much as we do, check out the Simple Pleasures Fat Quarter Bundle.  The bundle includes a fat quarter of each of the eight Simple Pleasures quilt fabrics.  These bundles are great for creating accent pieces that compliment this beautiful spring quilt.  Brighten up someone’s day with an array of stunning and uplifting craft projects with a spring motif.

Let the Sunshine In! Quilt

Let the Sunshine in Quilt Kit

Another great option is the Let the Sunshine In Quilt Kit.  The kit includes everything necessary to create the quilt top, including the instructions for how to applique the daisies.  The Let the Sunshine In Quilt uses many of the fabrics from the Simple Pleasures fabric line.  The spring quilt is a lovely way to bring the warmth and beauty of spring inside.


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2 Magnificent Red, White and Blue Quilt Ideas

At Sunshine & Hunny Quilts, we sell two striking fabric lines with a patriotic theme: Stars & Stripes and Generals’ Wives. Stars & Stripes is a bright and lively collection of quilt fabrics created by My Minds Eye for Riley Blake Designs. The fabrics include star, swirl, dot, and plaid prints, along with solid colored fabrics. In addition, the main fabric, Words in Cream has a white background with patriotic wording, including quotes from the America song. The Stars & Stripes quilt fabrics consist of traditional tones of red and blue, which integrates well into most homes. Generals’ Wives is a line of quilt fabrics created by Nancy Gere for Windham Fabrics. The colors in this fabric line consist of wine red, off white, and navy blue. The simple floral, geometric, plaid, and striped designs combine to produce a tasteful and modest quilt.

Stars & Stripes

Stars And Stripes Quilt

The first quilt is from the Stars & Stripes fabric line.  The quilt fabrics used include:

Generals’ Wives

Generals' Wives Quilt

The Second quilt is from the Generals’ Wives fabric line and is made with three fabrics:

These two quilt ideas will help prepare for the upcoming Memorial Day and Fourth of July holiday festivities.  Order your fabrics today to get a head start on these lovely quilts to decorate.  In addition, we carry a wide variety of red, white and blue fabrics in other fabric lines to fulfill all of your crafting needs.  No matter what your color theme, we have the fabrics to match.

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3 Spectacular Batiks Quilt Ideas

Today we have three quilt ideas, each of which uses only three quilt fabrics from the Batiks fabric lines showcase vibrant color schemes and simple designs.  At Sunshine & Hunny Quilts, we carry two different Batiks fabric lines:  Batiks by Mirah and Sumatra Batiks.  Many of the fabrics coordinate well for various quilt projects.  These quilts demonstrates how to use the different Batik fabric lines together in the same quilt.

Cool Batiks Quilt

Batiks Lap Quilt

The first quilt makes an adorable lap quilt.  The overlapping boxes are full of life and create a three dimensional appearance.  Three cool colors create an aesthetically pleasing quilt: peachy-pink, magical purple and relaxing blue.  Three quilt fabrics create this cheerful quilt:

Warm Batiks Quilt

Early Summer Batiks Quilt

The second Batiks quilt is warm and inviting.  The colors remind me of early summer: a happy yellow, an energizing orange, a lovely peachy-pink.  The quilt blocks combine to create a maze-like appearance.  Be careful not to get lost in the twists and turns!  The fabrics are from two of the Batiks fabric lines: Batiks by Mirah and Sumatra Batiks.  The first quilt fabric is Samarkand in Cheddar from the Batiks by Mirah fabric line.  This is one of my favorite Batiks fabrics.  It is light and vibrant.  The light yellow-orange background compliments the orange and red gradient in the leaves and vines pattern.  The next quilt fabric is Blender in Perfect Amberglow from the Batiks by Mirah fabric line.  This fabric has a bright orange background with a fun, tonal sun star pattern throughout the fabric.  The last quilt fabric is Star Flower in Peach from the Sumatra Batiks fabric line.  The beautiful peachy-pink fabric has a delicate star flower design scattered across the fabric.

Sumatra Batiks Quilt

Sumatra Batiks Spring Quilt

The final Batiks quilt project we have to share with you today is a true spring quilt.  Green, blue and peachy-pink quilt fabrics intertwine to create a beautiful spring design.  The quilt consists of alternating patches of blue water and green grass with open diamond shaped flower patches. To create this quilt, you need three Sumatra Batiks quilt fabrics:

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4 Creative Urban Chic Quilts

Urban Chic Fabric

Urban Chic is a bright and modern fabric line that was created by Tina Higgins for Quilting Treasures. The quilt fabrics feature intricate floral, leaf and geometric designs with simple coloring, including white, green and blue.  This fabric line is fun and versatile to meet many of your spring quilting needs.  Here are a few quilts we designed using various Urban Chic fabrics.

Urban Chic Nine Patch

First, I made a nine patch quilt with a twist.  If you have ever made a quilt like this you know how great the concept is.  If you have never made this type of quilt, get ready to be amazed!  You start off by creating a simple nine patch quilt block.  Sew nine equally sized squares (I used six-inch squares) of fabric together in a desired order to create a quilt block that is three squares wide by three squares high.  Then you cut the quilt block in half lengthwise and across the width.  You now have four identical quilt pieces. Rotate the pieces into the desired pattern and sew the pieces back together.  It’s that simple.  Here is a great video on youtube that was posted by Teresa DownUnder explaining the process.

Our quilt has two different nine patch blocks to add another visual affect: one light and one dark.  Repeat the process with all of your quilt blocks.  Here we used 16 total quilt blocks.  Sew the blocks together in four rows that are four quilt blocks wide.  Add borders, batting and backing, and use your favorite quilting technique to complete this easy and unique quilt. Voila!  This quilt is great for beginners and quilters who want a easy and unique quilt.

Quilt Fabrics Used:

Block 1
Block 2

Urban Chic Quilt

The next Urban Chic quilt is perfect for more experienced quilters.  However, don’t let that discourage you.  This intricate design is easier than it looks.  The best way to approach this quilt is to break it down into simple squares.  The quilt contains sixteen identical blocks with a single, overlapping design.  The blocks are rotated 90 degrees clockwise to create the elegant diamond pattern.  To create this quilt as shown, use the following fabrics:

Quilt Block Fabrics
Quilt Border Fabrics

Urban Chic Box Quilt

The third quilt creates a three dimensional effect by using dark and light toned fabrics opposite of each other.  If you look at the quilt from one angle, the fabrics create the illusion of a series of push buttons protruding from the quilt.  From a different perspective, the quilt appears to contain deep, inward boxes.  Do you see layered squares? Hidden diamonds?  Striped hexagons?  However your eyes perceive the quilt, we hope you enjoy its complexity, depth and beauty.  The following quilt fabrics help create this wonderful illusion quilt:

Quilt Block Fabrics
Quilt Border Fabrics

Urban Chic Snowflake Quilt

The final quilt I made using Urban Chic fabrics is exquisite. The quilt resembles something somewhere between an elegant snowflake and a dazzling flower.  The quilt is made up of two versions of the same quilt block that alternate throughout the quilt.  The first block contains brighter, vibrant blue fabrics and some olive green, and the second block showcases calming green with a touch of blue. The contrast in colors between quilt blocks adds depth and texture to the quilt.  The borders tie all of the wonderful quilt fabrics and colors together.

Quilt Block Fabrics:
Quilt Border Fabrics:
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Baby Doll Quilt

Baby Doll Quilt

Taegan's Baby Doll Quilt

This red and white quilt is from a pattern called Tiny Table Topper by Kim Brackett.  Kim Brackett wrote the Scrap Basket series of quilting books from Martingale.  Kim’s Table Topper finishes at 19 1/2″ x 19 1/2″.  I added an extra row of blocks to my quilt to make it a rectangle rather than a square.  The red fabrics in my quilt are from Stars & Stripes from Riley Blake Designs, Redwork Bluework Revisited from RJR Fabrics, Pam Kitty from LakeHouse Dry Goods, and Fresh Fallen Snow from Maywood Studio.  The binding is Chalk Talk from Blank Quilting, and the backing is Bare Essentials from RJR Fabrics.
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Jasmine Quilt Idea


Jasmine Quilt

This great quilt idea uses the Jasmine quilt fabric line.  The fabrics were designed by Marianne Elizabeth for RJR.  The quilt has a pinwheel design and a wavy effect created by using asymmetric triangles.  The main quilt colors include a vibrant rose pink, light sage green, a soft golden caramel, and a pleasant bright blue. The quilt contains sixteen quilt blocks: eight blocks of each of two different variations.  One variation is a mirror of the first.  Alternating the two quilt blocks creates the unique and fun quilt design.

Jasmine Fabrics Used:

All of these fabrics are available in our shop.  Check back soon for more quilt ideas!

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Green and Yellow Spring Quilt


Yellow And Green Buttercup Quilt Block Yellow And Green Buttercup Quilt

Here is another spring quilt idea created using the Buttercup fabric line from Moda. This simple and cheerful quilt utilizes three quilt fabrics:

The quilt blocks are comprised of an alternating pattern of Solid in Buttercup and Fence in Sugar Snap. Four smaller squares make up the quilt block: two squares have a Solid in Buttercup diamond in the center, and two squares have a Fence in Sugar Snap diamond in the center. The two squares are inverses of each other.  Each border around the outside of the quilt is two inches wide.

For a 48″ quilt, you need:

Visit the shop to purchase the supplies for the quilt. We carry warm and natural batting in various quilt sizes to complete your project. Feel free to contact us with questions or for help planning your quilt.

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Fun Easter Quilt with Bunnies

Snuggle Time

Snuggle Time Quilt

Easter is one month away.  The Snuggle Time quilt fabrics from Quilting Treasures are perfect for the occasion.  Here is a delightful Easter quilt idea made from this splendid fabric line.

Create the quilt with the following fabrics:

The Tossed Bunny Vignettes in Linen fabric is an End of Bolt item and is on sale.  There is only 3/4 of a yard left in stock, which is enough fabric for a small doll quilt, wall hanging or table topper.

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Spring Quilt with Buttercup Fabrics

Buttercup Fabrics

Buttercup Quilt Buttercup Quilt Block

The Buttercup fabric line is a charming spring fabric line created by Moda.  The quilt fabrics in the quilt block include Fences in Coral and Rose, Large Floral in Sugar Snap, Solid in Buttercup, and Solid in Sugar Snap.  The border fabrics are Fences in Coral and Rose on the top and bottom, and Tea Roses in Lily on the sides.  The quilt contains twelve quilt blocks arranged in four rows.

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Pam Kitty Garden Spring Quilt

Pam Kitty Morning Fabrics

Pam Kitty Garden Quilt Pam Kitty Garden Quilt Block

Prepare for spring with this adorable spring quilt.  The quilt fabrics used to create this quilt are from the Pam Kitty Garden fabric line from Lake House Drygoods. The garden inspired quilt fabrics include Pam Kitty Garden in Aqua, which is a blue fabric with birds holding umbrellas and flower sprays. Another fabric used in this quilt, Pam Kitty Garden in Lettuce is a green fabric with small red apples. Pam Kitty Garden in White is a white quilt fabric speckled with alternating garden tools and flower sprays. The final fabric in this quilt is Pam Kitty Garden in Red, which is a red quilt fabric with white dots. The quilt is a combination of nine quilt blocks, each with overlapping blue and green open rectangles and a red triangle in each corner. When the blocks are placed next to each other, the triangles create a pinwheel shape.

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Blue and White Quilt

Savoy Quilt Savoy Quilt Block

The Blue and White Quilt was created using the Savoy fabric line from Blank Quilting. White with shades of blue from light sky blue, to robust sapphire blue and navy blue contrast to create this striking quilt.  These exquisite floral fabrics combine to demonstrate the elegance and simplicity of two color quilts.  The quilt contains nine identical blocks with four Savoy fabrics: Flowers in Blue, Floral Spray in Blue, Large Floral in White, and Splash in Midnight.  Find all of these fabrics and more in our online quilt store.

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Fun Flannel Quilt for Children

Itty Bitty Flannel Quilt IttyBittyFlannelQuiltBlock

The Itty Bitty Flannels is an adorable collection of flannel quilt fabrics from the Kaleidoscope Flannel fabric line from Alpine Fabrics.  The cute bug, floral and geometric patterns in soft pastel colors make these fabrics great for children.  The Itty Bitty Flannel Quilt pictured here features Bloomin’ Bugs in Pink as the center of the block.  Around the center of the quilt block is an alternating pattern of Handspray in Lemon Drop and Spring Garden in White.  The quilt border is Sweet Spots in Pink.