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1930’s Reproduction Quilt Ideas

1930’s Reproduction Fabrics

Happy May from Sunshine & Hunny Quilts! Today we bring you a few quilt ideas to utilize the 1930’s Reproduction cotton quilt fabrics. We carry four fabric lines from the 1930’s Reproduction collection in our quilt shop.  The following quilts showcase each fabric line with stunning designs, brilliant coloring and a superlative use of creativity.

The fabric lines include:


Clothesline Club Fabrics

Clothesline Club Quilt

Darlene Zimmerman created the Clothesline Club fabric line for Robert Kaufman Fabrics. These cotton quilt fabrics include garden party, pets on parade, little darlings, and tiny flowers prints. The prints consist of simple, delicate designs on a solid background. Most of the fabrics incorporate small white designs, while other prints introduce additional colors to the fabric. The background colors of the fabrics embrace a softer color pallet; however, the fabrics remain vibrant and full of color. The pink, teal, blue and lavender colors combine to create an exquisite quilt.

Quilt Fabrics:


Everything but the Kitchen Sink Fabrics

Everything But The Kitchen Sink Quilt

Everything but the Kitchen Sink from RJR Fabrics includes floral, geometric and daisy patterns on beautifully colored background fabrics.  The Everything but the Kitchen Sink fabrics contain adorable, delicate prints on soft shades of pink, blue, yellow and teal. The designs tend to display in white; however, many prints incorporate additional colors.  These cotton quilt fabrics produce colorful and striking quilts.

Quilt Fabrics:


Floursack Fabrics

Floursack Quilt

The Floursack fabric line from Windham Fabrics includes floral designs.  The quilt fabrics include the dots and daisies design and floral prints.  Dots and daisies exists in three background colors: pink, yellow and lavender.  The small design consists of delicate, white flowers scattered throughout the cotton fabric with tiny dots in between the flowers.  The floral designs appear larger, but remain small overall.  These flowers possess a well-defined flower with additional detail.  Floral in Green and Floral in Orange share a similar appearance.  The white flowers speckle the colorful background, with accent colors to add detail. Flowers in Lavender displays a slightly different pattern.  The white background contains solid lavender, yellow and green flowers with lavender dots and leaf outlines.  Considering the variety of colors, various possible combinations exist to create beautiful quilts.

Quilt Fabrics:


Hints of Prints Fabric

Hints Of Prints Quilt

Sunshine & Hunny Quilts carries one of the Hints of Prints quilt fabrics: Hints of Print in Screamin’ Yellow. The fabric definitely screams yellow. The yellow background and small tonal flowers provide a tasteful does of yellow to quilts. Darlene Zimmerman created the Hints of Prints fabric line for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.  The fabric coordinates well with other quilt fabrics from the 1930’s Reproduction collection, as demonstrated in the following quilt idea.

Quilt Fabrics: