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3 Spectacular Batiks Quilt Ideas

Today we have three quilt ideas, each of which uses only three quilt fabrics from the Batiks fabric lines showcase vibrant color schemes and simple designs.  At Sunshine & Hunny Quilts, we carry two different Batiks fabric lines:  Batiks by Mirah and Sumatra Batiks.  Many of the fabrics coordinate well for various quilt projects.  These quilts demonstrates how to use the different Batik fabric lines together in the same quilt.

Cool Batiks Quilt

Batiks Lap Quilt

The first quilt makes an adorable lap quilt.  The overlapping boxes are full of life and create a three dimensional appearance.  Three cool colors create an aesthetically pleasing quilt: peachy-pink, magical purple and relaxing blue.  Three quilt fabrics create this cheerful quilt:

Warm Batiks Quilt

Early Summer Batiks Quilt

The second Batiks quilt is warm and inviting.  The colors remind me of early summer: a happy yellow, an energizing orange, a lovely peachy-pink.  The quilt blocks combine to create a maze-like appearance.  Be careful not to get lost in the twists and turns!  The fabrics are from two of the Batiks fabric lines: Batiks by Mirah and Sumatra Batiks.  The first quilt fabric is Samarkand in Cheddar from the Batiks by Mirah fabric line.  This is one of my favorite Batiks fabrics.  It is light and vibrant.  The light yellow-orange background compliments the orange and red gradient in the leaves and vines pattern.  The next quilt fabric is Blender in Perfect Amberglow from the Batiks by Mirah fabric line.  This fabric has a bright orange background with a fun, tonal sun star pattern throughout the fabric.  The last quilt fabric is Star Flower in Peach from the Sumatra Batiks fabric line.  The beautiful peachy-pink fabric has a delicate star flower design scattered across the fabric.

Sumatra Batiks Quilt

Sumatra Batiks Spring Quilt

The final Batiks quilt project we have to share with you today is a true spring quilt.  Green, blue and peachy-pink quilt fabrics intertwine to create a beautiful spring design.  The quilt consists of alternating patches of blue water and green grass with open diamond shaped flower patches. To create this quilt, you need three Sumatra Batiks quilt fabrics: