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3 Festive Cattails And Clover Fall Quilts

Cattails & Clover Quilt Fabrics

It’s almost fall! The fabric line Cattails & Clover includes a variety of fall quilt fabrics with elegant fall colors and simple fall designs. The quilt fabrics were designed by Kansas Trouble Quilters for Moda, and include dot, floral, leaf, prairie grass and patterns.  The colors represent the true beauty of fall, and include deep chocolate brown, subtle burnt orange, tasteful burgundy red, subdued gold, neutral tan, and a beautiful evergreen shade of green.

Cattails & Clover Four Patch Fall Quilt

The first quilt is a modified four patch quilt with alternating gold and green fabrics for the background. The red and orange diamond shape in the center of the block helps add depth and a sense of overlapping colors. The darker red fabric over the green appears to create a blending effect. The orange and gold fabrics have a similar appearance; however, the colors contrast less. This use of fabrics and colors creates a three dimensional effect where the center diamonds appear to protrude from the background. The border is a checkered border made from four of the Cattails & Clover quilt fabrics.

Cattails And Clover Fall Quilt

Quilt Block Fabrics
Quilt Border Fabrics

Cattails & Clover Strips and Squares Fall Quilt

The next quilt utilizes several of the same Cattails & Clover quilt fabrics in a different design. As the name suggests, the quilt is comprised of a fabric strip sewn onto two fabric squares in a unique and alternating pattern. The center block consists of four square blocks sewn together, and provides an excellent anchor for the quilt block. The orange and green Prairie Grass fabrics used in the quilt blocks make up the borders.

Cattails And Clover Strips And Squares Fall Quilt

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Cattails & Clover Holiday Quilt

The final quilt uses two of the Cattails & Clover quilt fabrics from the prior quilts, and adds a third tan fabric. Such a simple change to the fabric palette has a drastic effect on the quilt’s appearance. The last quilt is holiday themed. This quilt demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of the Cattails & Clover fabric line. For the holiday quilt, the border fabrics are the same fabrics used throughout the rest of the quilt.

Cattails And Clover Holiday Quilt

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